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The Awakening Collection

Red Line Design Awakening Collection

Welcome to The Awakening Collection.

The inspiration for this collection of paintings is a study of the ocean, the reefs and graphic interpretations of the colors we find there. I grew up in Australia and have always had a great love of the ocean. Inspired by one of my favorite artists, Ken Done, I went about studying the ocean around the LA area and also from past trips to Hawaii. The pieces were created during COVID so painting gave me a away to step away from my daily work and dig deeper into a subject matter in both my photography and painting. I have always loved blues, yellows, grays and reds and used these colors to represent coral and fish you might see on a closer look swimming and snorkeling among the reefs. If you have been to Australia or Hawaii and even along the California Coast you know the colors are truly vibrant, but sometimes you may have to look just a little closer to see what is right there in front of you.

The mood created is serene and relaxing, vibrant, comfortable, warm and expressive. The ocean is my happy place, my home and my refuge. I hope you will enjoy the pieces I have created and that they will bring a piece of art journey home to you to instill a small amount of joy to your day.

Thank you! xo Sarah