Cashmere and Silk Scarves

She Sleeps in the Meadow

She Sleeps in the Meadow - custom cashmere + silk scarf created through an artists collaboration with VIDA. She Sleeps in the Meadow was designed from a series of original paintings titled of the same name. The series was created as a tribute to the loss of someone important to me that passed away from #alzheimers. As the title suggests: she could now finally find peace and rest in the meadow with the warm sun streaming down on her and a soft breeze gently blowing through her hair.  
10% from the sale of this scarf will be donated to The Women's Alzheimers Movement
With an opulent blend of Cashmere and Silk - featuring unique, stunning artwork - wear this beautiful scarf indoors or out, day or night, to elevate any wardrobe all season and year-long.
Each scarf is custom made in collaboration with VIDA in India.
NOTE: Each piece is uniquely designed and custom-printed. Color and placement of artwork may vary upon receipt.
Materials: 80% Cashmere, 20% Silk
Care: Dry Clean Only

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