When Technology Fails You

by 1 September 11, 2012

There have been several times in the past week where I have been without my computer. The first, my apple time machine and hard drive back up decided to fail and completely shut down my wi-fi; and 2nd, my website host, godaddy was hacked by a person called Anonymous thus shutting down a majority of its subscribers sites. In the first instance, I had to replace my router and reset my entire wifi system. 8 hours and a few swear words later, it was all back up and running only to fail on the AT&T side for the internet connection the next morning. I calmly called and had everything reset and all seemed to be working properly until this morning. In the middle of writing this weeks posts for the blog, my site stopped working completely. I was unable to add photos to wordpress and my website got a server message when you tried to access it. I decided to check facebook, email and twitter instead and found an article from msnbc explaining what had happened. Instead of getting all crazy as some people did on twitter, I decided to use it as an sign that I was meant to unplug from technology and get outside. I grabbed my camera and my iphone and headed out for a photo walk. An amazing thing happened by allowing myself time to unplug and get away from all the technology that drives us each and every day, I opened myself to my surroundings and viewed them in a completely different light. I did check instagram once while I was loading these photos and found a really great photo that skinnylaminx had taken of a sketch she drew showing people all with their phones in hand and heads down. Have we really become this in our society? So connected to the the virtual world we live in that we have forgotten how important the world around is for our survival? I for one do not want to go down that road and will use each and every day to explore my world without the technological  blinders on that seem to drive us all. After my two hour hiatus, I returned to find my website up and running. Fixed by human beings, doing their jobs and providing me with the tools to do mine. Thank you godaddy and thank you Anonymous for reminding me about the real world, the one that really matters to me. (I am sure that wasn't the intention, but it worked for me) have a great day everyone...  



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