Welcome to my Studio

by 1 December 13, 2010

I have had many people over the last several months ask if I can share photos of my studio. Well I finally got to a point where I felt I could photograph it and give you a glimpse into where I create and write. The photo above is one of my most recent photographs and I have been exploring with different ways to use it in my work. You may recall seeing pieces of this photo in my holiday ornaments and wreath and in my explorations to Squaw Valley. It also hangs in my office for seasonal inspiration and a daily reminder of how lucky I am to live in such a beautiful part of the country. So my studio...it sits in the hub of the house. It is open to everything yet also private and has incredible views of the mountains that I can see when I turn around and look out the window. I had to face my desk towards the center of the house...it think it is that mafia thing from the movies...never have your back to the door....or something like that... So here it is...my studio with holiday inspiration and art that keeps me looking to be creative. 1. two of the three bookcases in my office...I am a lover of books and learning and each bookcase is divided into a certain type of subject. 2. looking from my desk towards the stairs that lead to my kids space...I love it when they sit on the stairs and visit with me...3. a couple of my inspiration boards. I change two of them each season with items that bring me joy to look at; artwork, cards, sayings, notes, my photography, drawings from my kids etc.. 6. is a photo looking down from the stairs...the view my kids have when they check in with me...7 and 8 are little critters that I have found on my travels that give me joy in my day. For me, my studio is a place to collaborate online and in person; design my projects and create special items that I can share with my clients and the readers of this blog. It is always changing and I like that as it gives me fresh perspective. Other things that happen here are laughter, kids drawing and creating, a peaceful place to think about dreams and music streaming from itunes....right now as I write to you Andrea Bocelli and a cup of tea are providing me company... Have a great Monday everyone....



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