Welcome Kelly Rae Roberts Readers

by 1 August 09, 2012

A very warm welcome today to everyone making their first visit to my site and especially from Kelly Rae Roberts. It was my honor and pleasure to post about my Brave Steps  and share a special piece of writing with you. I have been on a long journey for the last 8 months called Playing Big with Tara Sophia Mohr and Brave Steps was an exercise in looking at your internal mentor. What exactly is an internal mentor? Well she is meant to help you on your life's journey and to provide with with loving, nurturing guidance along the way. Who is she? She is an older, wiser version of yourself. She has lived your life in the present and is there as a positive and intuitive guide as you move forward in this world. When I learned about the internal mentor, I could see her clearly and I do call on her on occasion to give me guidance. I encourage you to take a few moments for yourself and think about your own internal mentor. How old would she be? what would she look like? where would she live? how would she best serve you in this life? I'd love to hear more about her. Please share in the comments. Have a beautiful day.



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