Thoughts on Creativity

by 1 March 12, 2012

Every week, I receive an outpouring of emails and access to incredibly creative people and projects on line. I bookmark my favorites and flag the favorite emails but never seem to move beyond my own personal creative stimulation with the items I find. Sometimes that's fine but I also want to be able to share with my readers and provide you with some aha moments and creative stops that you can use to start your week: 1. The first comes from a fellow Playing Big student who blogs at Signs and Serendipity. I found her post on gratitude and mind maps a really interesting thought process and one I would like to try myself.gratefully speaking 2. I receive a weekly update from Susannah Conway that always, always leaves me with some wow, or aha moment. Her email is my favorite way to begin my weekend. This week she shared this video called The Violin Maker by Dustin Cohen. I just had to share it with you here. I will be adding to this story later this week as it sparked a special connection for me that needs sharing.   The Violin Maker from Dustin Cohen on Vimeo. 3. Stampington and Co. shared a story and project today that conveys part of my mission of redlinedesign®. March is National Youth Art Month and the project is for children, especially girls on creating a power plaque, or a way to reaffirm the strength that they create and bring to the world...(Part of my mission: sharing art, design and creativity with children in order to teach them the value of creativity in their lives) I hope you enjoy these small jumpstarts to your creative week, have a great day everyone....      



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