The Value of Play

by 1 July 04, 2012

Do you remember when you were younger and you got to go to a theme park or local fair? Remember the feeling it gave you riding on the rides? How your stomach dropped out or you laughed so hard it made you cry? As you grow older these feelings seem to be further and further from our every day lives as new responsibilities and others needs take place of your own. There is nothing wrong with the needs of others and I find myself living more this way now more than ever with a husband and two children. I do however, occasionally yearn for that stomach dropping, laughing so hard you can cry moments and want to find them a little more often in my life. One way to do that is to allow yourself time to PLAY. The get down on your knees with your kids or your girlfriends and do something fun, silly and totally out of your comfort zone. This can be difficult if you do not do it often but I encourage you to give it a try. Learning how to play is like riding a bicycle. Once you remember how to do it, its like you never forgot how. A few years ago, I had to relearn this skill. I had just had surgery and was feeling slow and awkward and I joined a group called Mondo Beyondo, led by my friend Andrea Scher where we were encouraged to play for a time during the summer. The first thing we gathered was a play box. It was filled with bubbles, sidewalk chalk, markers, crayons and anything else we thought looked fun. We were encouraged to take a look in the box whenever we needed a lift and to pick something to do each time. The bubbles and the sidewalk chalk were my favorite. Over the series of weeks I began to relax and enjoy my moments of play so much that it became ritual and something I still enjoy today. This also has lead me to where I am now as an artist, photographer and retreat leader. PLAY can reopen your senses and re-energize your creativity and it will most importantly, leave you wanting more. If you could have a weekend to explore the concept of PLAY, would you allow yourself the time to do so? What is holding you back? More importantly, what can I do for you to help you decide to join CREATE EXPLORE DISCOVER this fall? I would love to know. You do not need experience or need to be "an artist" to join in this journey, just a desire to explore a new side of yourself.

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special thanks to my daughter Emily for being my "play" model for this post....



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