the stylists guide to nyc

by 1 May 12, 2011

Last month I received a newsletter from The Society, Inc. in Paddington, Sydney. Sibella Court, stylist and owner was releasing her second book in Australia and I of course had to pre-order a copy for myself. The book is titled: "the stylist's guide to NYC" and can be found on her website. It is a nice compact travel and design inspired collection of her favorite places for interiors, flowers, curiosities and many more design oriented tidbits in New York City. Sibella lived there for about 10 years and has taken all her own list of goodies and added them to this incredible resource. The book is divided into 9 sections including the one above and also has an index and special listing of favorites haunts. For anyone who has not traveled to NYC before or anyone that has and wants a few helpful reminders there is a small travel section at the front called NYC Tips. One of my favorite tips was about the lack of bathrooms and making sure you know how and when to find them. Something all good shoppers and explorers of urban locales need to know.... In addition to the sections and tips there is also a zip code guide to the city and to the locations you are trying to locate. Fabulous idea for a city with at least 23 zip codes just in Manhattan. Within each section are glorious photographs and descriptions of the places to visit. the descriptions include address, phone number, website etc. to help you locate what you are looking for. There is even a little section at the back dedicated to Brooklyn and Queens. Places I would not have known to visit unless guided like this... In the front and back cover of the book there are places to keep notes and there is a wonderful pull-out map with everything marked so you know where you are going and can lose the tourist look instantly. If you order this book during the month of May, Sibella will sign it for you as is the case with my copy. I loved receiving a package from Australia as it is my home, and loved it even more when I got to explore the pages of this guide. A total thumbs up from me and I am so ready to explore NYC with this book in tow. Anyone want to join me? Have a great Thursday everyone....



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