the Makerie - 2012 Photo Journal Day One

by 1 April 18, 2012

The invitation said: come with as you are with no expectations and an open heart....Hmm, she said with a deep breath. Would she be able to do that? Would she be able to open her heart wide and allow creativity to enter her soul? Intuition would be her guide and intuitive painting her muse....Where would she begin? How would she travel? Who would she meet? Where would she stay? could she relax? Could she? Her emotions? Excitement, anxiety, fear, giddiness, hope and her old friend patience all along for the ride. She would begin by packing her supplies...So many paints for a painting class, she thought...but the colors excited her: magenta, lime, purple, burnt ochre, burnt umber, titatium white and of course black.....She organized them, first by color, then by size and then finally by manufacturer to keep them in order, in balance, in check. Then, paint brushes and rags, an apron and finally a spray bottle. The bottle so ugly from the outside, it needed something, so she added colored tape to make it her own and to extend the bright and dynamic colors she had chosen for her palette. She was ready for adventure, ready to let go, ready to learn, explore and once again play.....  



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