The August Break 2012

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{Day 1 - a day in the pool} As August comes upon us and the summer starts winding down, so too does my desire to stop, breathe, and take in all that is surrounding me in my life. We have 3 weeks before school starts, a swim meet and end of summer trip to LA and fall business plans in full swing. So this month, as I did last year, I will be participating in Susannah Conways August Break 2012. Posts will continue on the website as I have so much to share about the upcoming months that I do not want to wait until September. However, I will intermittently be slowing down with my camera and sharing images that I capture each day of the month. I will be using the site as my personal journal in conjunction with the August Break. My tools for this project will include:
  • a camera (polaroid, slr and iphone)
  • a notebook to record my thoughts
If you feel like joining in...definitely do so. You can find all the information over on Susannah's site.     August Break 2012    



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Ana Eugénio
Ana Eugénio

October 13, 2016

Hi Sarah :) I’m Ana Eugénio from Portugal and I’m doing the August Break with you too ;) hope you have an extraordinary week ahead. xxo

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