"Stand where your heart is strongest."

by 1 May 27, 2011

"Stand where your heart is strongest" a quote I retweeted today from @tea_austin who writes over at teasandcookies blog. I generally peruse my twitter account about 3 times a day and respond when I need to and reflect when I get something that comes across like this quote. It stood out to me today as we enter the long Memorial Day Weekend. Before we moved west, we would spend our weekends with our dear friends the Hood's at their little cabin in Michigan. I have reflected back on those times often lately as they are some of the best moments we have shared with people we love and respect. Our weekends were filled with hot tubbing, bbq'ing, boating, sleeping late and staying up even later. Our music choices of the day (jimmy buffet, freddy jones band, pearl jam, U2, and del amitri) would fill the air from sun up and well into the night. Most importantly, though it was the conversations and the laughter that filled the air that meant the most to me. While we were able to have those great times, my brother in laws, Mike and John, were keeping our country safe. We did not openly think about it back then as we just knew they were there protecting us. This weekend I thank them for doing that and for providing my children a place that they will be able to enjoy those same great weekends with their friends as we have before them. So no matter where your travels take you, take a moment to reflect on the goodness of those around you and thank a soldier for keeping you safe and for giving you the opportunity to enjoy your family, friends and your freedom. Have a great holiday weekend everyone...see you here next week. Also, if you did not respond to the post on words and still want to there is time....I will be making a post out of the comments next week.



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