Squaw Valley, California

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Last weekend my family and I had a short overnight trip to Squaw Valley, so today I thought I would share some photos from a little hike I was able to take after lunching in the village. Most people probably think of Squaw as a great winter weekend getaway but it is just as spectacular in the summer, fall and spring.  The colors in the fall are also so vibrant against the harsh contrast of the rock face on the mountains. 1. The village at Squaw-- Aspen Leaves outside the Starbucks--you could see them from a distance. 2. Pine Cones and sticks perfectly placed on my hike-- 3. Moss--vibrant, electric green--all over the forest 4. The village with the aspen calling me from afar-- 5. serene hiking path 6. the most incredible blue sky 7. wood pile 8. The lone chairlift waiting patiently for the snow..... Have a great Monday everyone....



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October 13, 2016

Hi, your photos are motivating.. it makes me want to take better photos on my travels. I am currently doing research for my next vacation and I am caught deciding between Napa vs Lake Tahoe (northshore) for the last week of November. If you dont mind, I’d like to get some travel advise from you since you’ve been there.. When in November did you take the photos at Squaw? My husband and I are looking at either Carnelia bay or Tahoe City. Is snow lush and full by then? If we decide to stay by the lake/beach would you say that there were lots of snow already on the ground? I am a hike and bike kinda person and was wondering if there is still a possibility for this during the days we travel.
On the other hand, I also see that you were in Napa.. our other choice. My great concern there is rain (from research). I just wouldnt want to be stuck indoors or deal with being wet all the time. How would you describe your time there? I assume you also took these pictures in Nov too?.
I guess what would really help me make a decision is if I can get a better idea which place will be able to offer more during late Nov.
Apologies for this non-photography question, but I realized that I may get the best advise from you being that you were there during the time of year I would like to travel. Well, I thank you ahead of time.

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