redlinedesign™ turns one

by 1 October 26, 2010

It is with great joy today that I announce redlinedesign™ is one this week. Last year at this time I was walking into the Nevada State Business License office in Carson City with no idea what the year would bring and here we are a year later, a little more confident, a few more ideas under my belt and 5 steps further in understanding how a blog works and how to set up a website. I have had some great help and inspiration along the way and want to extend a thank you to several people: Deb-for pushing me closer to my dreams always; Kath-for inspiring me to begin and to keep going; my first design clients: Lys and Paul-for having faith in my abilities and patience while I pulled together their projects and to my family for always supporting me unconditionally even when I work past 5:00pm and you don't want me to....THANK YOU....and cheers to another great year ahead. Have a great day everyone.



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