part two: 10 minutes of creative time

by 1 December 16, 2011

What can you do with 10 minutes of creative time? Today, I am going to give you a list of 10 creative things you can do with 10 minutes. That simple, just a list to get your creative juices flowing and some links to help you get there. To read other posts on creativity you can go to creating space and Part One: Scheduling Creativity into Your Daily Life or for a daily dose of creativity. 1. 10 minutes of free writing. Sit for 10 minutes with a journal, piece of paper or notebook. Set the timer for 10 minutes and just write whatever comes to your mind. 2. Get the Book: The Creative License by Danny Gregory. Read pages: 13-17. 3. Grab your camera or phone (with a camera); go on a walk and take photos of things that interest you. 4. Peruse a creative magazine. Pick up a creative magazine and just look at the pages. Two of my favorites: Uppercase and Anthology 5. Write a short poem. My friend Silvi writes poems in 3 minutes or less. She is amazing. Pick a word and write what it means to you. 6. Rearrange a bulletin board or space in your office. Grab some inspirational pieces; paint, fabric, postcards, artwork, quotes and create something refreshing that you can look at each day. 7. Play a favorite childhood game. One of my kids favorites is: Spot It. 8. Create a very small piece of art. Sometimes I like to create small as it gives me a quick sense of accomplishment. Here is one of my  "small pieces"... 9. Arrange your markers, pens or pencils. Grab some unique containers and sort  by color. Start with pencils. 10. Take 10 minutes to rest and breath. I have been doing this every day for the last month and it brings such clarity to the rest of your day. Clears your head and makes room for creativity. Most importantly, ENJOY!



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