Part Three: Carve out a Creative Space

by 1 December 19, 2011

This post is part three in a series on making space for more creativity in your life. If you would like to reference the first three posts they are available through the links below: making space for creativity part one: scheduling creativity into your daily life part two: 10 minutes of creative time Today we will be discussing how to carve out a creative space for yourself somewhere in your world. There are several elements that your creative space will need: 1. a location: this location can be anywhere in your home or even a corner of your workstation if you want it where you work. For the benefit of this article we will focus on the home office or studio space. 2. a worksurface. designate a space for your creative time. In my own office/studio, I have three areas of surface to work work; creative work and printing/assembling. 3. a chair. I also have three chairs; one at each station. This allows me to move easily between each area without having to move furniture around. Also, if I wanted to have other creatives work in the same space I would be able to do so easily. 4. storage for supplies. Open or closed storage for supplies or a combination of both. I like to have things like pencils, pens, paints and paint brushes at my fingertips so they are in containers on my worksurface. All other items are stored close by so that they are easily accessible. 5. storage for books/magazines. Every creative space needs storage for reference material. 6. an inspirational bulletin board. gather items that speak to you creatively and place them somewhere you can look at them all the time. I also have a rotating board that changes over time based upon my interests or inspirations at a certain moment in time. and finally, 7. artwork. no matter how big or small your creative spot needs artwork that reflects your own personal style. Artwork can be as simple as postcards you may have collected to as elaborate as your own creative creations. If you would like to gather some of your own inspiration of creative spaces sign up through the link to receive my weekly newsletters for creatives. In addition, I have created a board on Pinterest called all about the home office where I share spaces, accessories and fun tools to use in your own creative space.  



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