Part Four: Shopping for Supplies

by 1 December 30, 2011

This is Part Four in a series on making space for creativity. To read previous posts please click on the links below: making space for creativity part one: scheduling creativity into your daily life part two: 10 minutes of creative time part three: carve out a creative space Our focus today will be shopping! If you are anything like me, you will love shopping for art supplies. Just entering an art supply store makes me giddy. It over stimulates my senses and makes me feel like a kid again. Sometimes I have a list but most times, I go just to explore and see where the aisles lead me. The other way I shop, is within my own art supplies. I have all sorts of papers, ribbons, paints, markers, pencils, embroidery thread, journals, knitting supplies...You name it , I probably have it. Every now and then I will take out a box that maybe I have tucked away and I will find its all new again. What's great about this is the fact that it is all free. No money spent but new ideas and items you can use on your creative journey. With that said, sometimes you will need a few things to complete or start a project. Below is a list of my go to places to find art supplies, materials and products for creating. This by no means will be a complete list, so if you have any you would like to add please do so in the comments. I will divide the places into categories for you: General Art Supplies Dick Blick - very reasonable pricing,  an incredible assortment of product; if shopping online- ships quickly Flax Art and Design - a beautiful art supply store in San Francisco; Expensive but huge array of handmade papers and other paper products Pearl Fine Art Supplies - Pearl has been my go to art supply store as long as I can remember. Fabric The Purl Bee a beautiful fabric shop in SoHo. jessica swift fabulous fabrics, creative, colorful and fun marisa anne my friend from Creative Thursday - whimsical fabrics and embroidery patterns Stationery and Papers Kates Paperie one of my favorite paper stores in New York Paper Source my go to shop for all things paper, stamps and creative products Bell'occhio a beautiful French shop that carries ribbon, paper, letterpress and gift products. These should cover some basics and also a little treat here and there. Remember to take one of your days and make a shopping trip out of it. Whether online, in your own supplies or in person, it is a fun, creative way to bring a few items out to help you get ready to create. don't forget you can also sign up for creativity to go and receive a dose of creativity to help you along your journey. Enjoy!



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