Making Space for Creativity

by 1 December 12, 2011

The photo above is part of a larger piece of art that I am in the process of creating. It is a piece that is half way done and was for a course I was taking called Get Your Paint On... So why only half way? Time....time is a factor, a huge factor in making space for creativity. You have to allow it and schedule it into your daily routine. So how do you do that when you have a million and one items on the list as every one does these days? Here are a couple of tried and true tips that I use to carve out my own creative space and time. 1. Schedule it in your planner. If you have been following me for awhile Wednesday is my creative day...I call it 100 Wednesday's - I spend time with photography, painting, sketching or doing some sort of creative project and I usually share it on this site so that I can feel accountable for my progress. 2. Begin with only 10 minutes of creative time. When you schedule, begin with small increments of time and build up to something that is manageable for you in your own personal stage of creativity. You can do a lot in 10 minutes including: a couple of pages of sketching, free writing, or a layer of paint on a painting. 3. Carve out a creative space. Everyone needs a space to call their own; a space where you can have all the special items that you need at your finger - tips. Whether it is a room, a closet; a corner of a room; that is up to you but it needs to be your own. It needs to say I am here, this is my space for creativity. It should be an extension of you and your creative needs. 4. Go shopping and select some supplies. This is the fun part. I love art supplies and love shopping for them. I could spend hours in an art store and just take in all the materials surrounding me. Some examples: paints, markers, pencils, paper, sketchbook, get the idea. Make one of your scheduled times an art supply trip whether to a shop or in your own supplies you will be amazed at what products you are drawn to. 5. Organize your creative space with your supplies. This seems logical and trivial but it needs to be done. Once you have purchased or found your supplies you will need to organize them in a way that will make it easy for you to use them. Example: I have pencils organized by color in different containers. They are easily accessible, add color to my creative space and are sharpened and ready to use at a moments notice. So five tips to get you started. Baby steps, easing you into your creativity. I will be going more in depth into each of the five categories here on the site but if you are interested in even more creative possibility in your life please sign up for my weekly email on creativity that will begin in January, 2012 where I will be sharing some 15 minute creative exercises to jump start your creativity each day. redlinedesign® - creativity to go



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