Jumpstarting Your Creativity in the Year of the Dragon

by 1 February 02, 2012

Source: allaboutami.tumblr.com via Jen on Pinterest photo by Stephanie of All about Ami

Yesterday I read an article for small business and entrepreneurs in the Reno Gazette Journal, our local paper. The article was written by Rhonda Abrams and discussed how the Year of the Dragon could translate into plans for your business this year. According to Rhonda, "People born in the year of the dragon are likely to be leaders, who are active and powerful, take initiative and are creative..." Now, keep in mind she was speaking specifically of entrepreneurs in her article, but I felt it could be fun to take her concepts and push them a little further and see how I would translate them into creativity for your daily life. 1. Wealth: in the article this translated specifically into money; for our purposes, lets think of it in terms of the wealth of knowledge you can gain by doing something for yourself. You will relearn a basic component of human nature - taking care of yourself. 2. Ambition: are you living your dreams and following your passions? If not why? 3. Innovation: what creative ideas and new approaches do you have written down that you are dying to try? 4. Virtue: are you getting out there and sharing your own creativity with others? friends, children, family? 5. Harmony: are you working on balance in your every day life. Having something creative that nurtures you and makes you happy, in turn makes others around you happy... 6. Big Changes: take a chance on yourself and make a change in your life...try an art class, try doing something you haven't done before. Explore, be an adventurer....... Why not start with the little dragon at the top of the page....I found her on pinterest and the links lead you directly to the project.... I'd love to know how these concepts translate into your own life.... Have a great day.....



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