it's about the packaging

by 1 February 04, 2011

Don't you love getting packages in the mail? I know I do. My sister Rachel and I love packaging....We are always on the look out for fabulously designed, created, well thought out packaging..Don't even have to purchase the product--just have to look at something and say "nice packaging". What it means to us (I am totally talking for her right now) that the branding has been well thought out right down to the last detail. It has been "designed"; someone like us has slaved long, long hours to come up with a concept that is so right for the product that you know it just by looking at it.... So how does this relate to the photo above? Well, these are three packages that I have received in the mail or delivered via a good friend on a coffee trip to Starbucks... These to me say "nice packaging". Each individual artist and creator took the time to carefully wrap their items right down to the last detail. Sometimes, it takes me awhile to open the package to reveal what is inside as I just love to look at the care someone has taken for me and for their beautiful pieces that lay inside. On the top left is a package that came yesterday from cutetape--what is inside? Japanese tape of course; the next two items on the right are from littlebrownpen--a collection of black and white photos from Paris--I have been eying them on their shop for a few days and know exactly where I will put them--and also the envelope they were mailed with one of my favorite photos in the lower right corner...Finally, two pieces from mbartstudios--Mary created a custom piece for me that is hidden inside the package (still after a week)--my treat was opening the little muslin bag to find a precious heart that says "BE"... So the next time you receive a little package either via mail, or another means--take a moment and think about all the planning that has gone into your little treat--someone creative and artistic is behind it and probably put a great deal of love into what they have created for you....(even the mac and cheese box from Kraft) Have a great weekend everyone....



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