How Inspiration Can Find You

by 1 September 28, 2010

Today, I received an email from paper and stitch an online community showcase for art. In it was a link to their fall show that opened today. I love the pieces they gather and thought I would take a brief look before getting my youngest off to school. Inspiration hit me immediately when I entered the shop and took me back to May, when I picked up Cloth Paper Scissors May/June 2010 Issue. In it was an artist named Lisa Kesler who does printmaking in 3-D. I instantly was attracted to her work and especially the two pieces at the beginning of the article. Well anyway, the fourth photo in on the paper and stitch site showed a shop called Cornflower Press and had a piece that looked similar to the pieces I had seen months before in the magazine. I clicked and low and behold, there were the pieces that I had been so interested and absorbed by in the May/June Issue. Not only were they available but I noticed on the side of her shop that she was from Champaign. For those of you that have known me for a long time you would know that I grew up in Urbana, which if you are from the midwest you know it as Champaign-Urbana the town of University of Illinois. It struck me that I must have had a feel for these pieces because the images she was capturing were of places I knew or places I felt I had seen before. They were pieces of my past. Central Illinois is a place of incredibly serene beauty. If you are driving down the middle of the state all you see are farms, corn in the summer and plowed frozen fields in the winter. Most people think it is barren and flat and not that interesting but you need to dig a little deeper and you will find incredible beauty. I purchased the piece with the telephone poles and wire as a reminder of the middle of the country where as a ten year old I lived and grew up..... Have a great day everyone.....



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