Honesty, Integrity and a Pair of Boots

by 1 July 06, 2011

Today I did something that I am proud of and that is keeping me smiling where ever I go.....I helped another creative (Jessica Swift) reach a goal and see a dream realized. About 2 weeks ago, I contributed to a fundraising campaign on Kickstarter. (a fundraising website to help you see your dreams come true) If you know me, you know that I love to help people and I love to help people that are honest, true and show integrity. I did not think much about contributing in the beginning, just that I loved Jessica's work and own a piece of her art and was excited to see her patterns on rain boots. It looked like a fun project and I thought why not.... Over the last several days, Jessica's tweets began to get me excited--very quickly her numbers were growing and her contributors were growing...I kept thinking?? she's on to something...she is starting a movement out of honesty, integrity and a pair of boots....what a concept...honesty, integrity and a fun product that I know I would wear and so would all my friends...About 3:00pm today, Jessica reached her goal of $18,000. Guess what? I helped her..I saw a small number on her tweet and thought let's do it...let's help this wonderful creative person reach her dream and see how it makes the world around us feel... I feel giddy with excitement for helping and for her achieving her goal. Today is a milestone in my path in this world...I can help someone just for the sake of helping and reap the same rewards for success as the person I am helping. Give it a try some time--it is truly an amazing feeling...One I know I want to feel again and again..... All my best to Jessica and to the boots that have started a movement.....I can't wait wear mine proudly....Have a great night everyone...I am going to celebrate with a glass of wine and my daughters rehearsal for a part in Ramona Quimby...



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