Holiday Goodness

by 1 December 09, 2010

Today for Tea Time Thursday, I wanted to share two little stories with you about holiday goodness. They are quick stories as I know everyone is busy this holiday season but I think it is important to let the little things around you make you smile or have a little chuckle. One of those things was at Starbucks on Tuesday. I was busy thinking about my shopping list and to do list and was in the drive-through of our local neighbor store (yes we have drive through Starbucks in Reno--it was a very new concept for me having moved here from Chicago). I placed my order and paid no attention to who else was around me. Checked my text messages and even an email and pulled to the window to pay. The server said, "Merry Christmas from the lady in front of you" and handed me my drink. I was confused for a moment and then realized that a total stranger (at least I think it was a stranger--I was so into my list that I didn't notice) purchased my drink for me. I felt so good inside after that occurred that for the rest of the day it put a smile on my face. I believe that kindness comes back to you ten fold if you are kind to others around you. Try and see, you might be surprised--like I was. The other small thing that happened to me today also put a smile on my face. I was taking my dogs for their monthly bath and groom and was stopped at a traffic light--as I was stopped a man on a bicycle road by--ok not so interesting happens all the time in Reno but this particular man was carrying his Christmas Tree. It was all wrapped up in twine and was about 6'-0" tall. He had it slung under one arm and was headed down the street. I chuckled and thought, "there's a man with keeping the spirit of the season alive" Have a great Thursday everyone and if you can take a moment to slow down and record all the holiday goodness around does exist if you look closely....I'd love for you to share your holiday stories with me, please leave them in the comments....



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