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by 1 May 31, 2012

deb lloyd - louvre When I first starting blogging about three and a half years ago, I introduced a theme on Thursdays called: Who Would You Invite to Tea? Over the years the name has changed into Tea Time Thursdays but the concept of introducing you to other creatives and speaking to them about how they lead creative lives still is at the forefront of the Tea Time Thursday posts. This interview, with artist Deb Lloyd was the very first Tea Time Thursday post. I share it with you again today as it is Deb's birthday, she is someone I think you should know and I will be sharing about a special team of women she captains as part of the Reno Tahoe Odyssey. Enjoy a look back into my archives and a visit with Deb: Welcome to the first “Who Would You Invite to Tea?”. As I mentioned last week, our guest today is Deb L.. Deb is an artist, mom, runner, and a true inspirational guide to me. We met several years ago at our children’s swim practice and have been friends ever since. We bounce ideas off one another, share funny stories through texts throughout the day and every once in awhile try and sneak away for something creative. She was the first person to encourage me about starting Red Line Design and is a fellow creative soul mate. As you also know, during the month of April  I completed a creative journey called April In Paris with Marisa from Creative Thursday and Sean her partner and screen writer. They created this incredible e-course BE It Live IT Do It, about defining creativity in your life, setting a goal and working towards achieving that goal. The unique thing about this course was that it took place almost entirely from Paris, France. Marisa and Sean live in LA but decided to take a leap of faith and visit France to seek out their own creative journey and shared with us along the way. Since taking the course I have been pondering the best way to use the material I have learned. That is how Who Would You Invite to Tea? was born. Every Thursday I will be sharing an individual in my life that I feel is defining, setting and achieving a creative, fulfilling life or dream. This morning I met with Deb, after spilling my tea all over myself in car, and dropping my son for his second to last day of school. We met to finalize this post and to gather photos that explain part of her creative journey. The photo above is amazing. Deb took this at the Louvre in Paris in 1984. It sits on her desk as a daily reminder of her own creative journey. I was touched by it , as it is so fitting for me as a way to round out my April In Paris and continue on my own journey. Hopefully one day I will sit at the Louvre and paint the Mona Lisa. Although, mine will not be as stunning as his....... Please grab a cup of tea or coffee in Deb’s case, sit back, relax and enjoy a few minutes of creative journey...   debs work (some of Deb's early painting work) Tell a little about yourself. Where you have lived, what type of creative work you have done and how you came to Reno. After University, I began working in the Art Field in Toronto Ontario. I was the head project supervisor for Moss and Lam orchestrating and overseeing freelance Artists creating textured surfaces both in corporate and residential spaces. After working for Moss and Lam I went on to start my own business in Decorative Paint Finishes. In 1994 my husband and I moved to the island of Bermuda. After being granted a work permit I was able to paint for some very interesting clients the entire time we lived there. While waiting for my permit I was a docent at the Bermuda National Gallery. I was very fortunate to help hang some major exhibits like Andy Warhol and Georgia O'Keefe. To pull such valuable art from crates and follow hanging instructions, for me was pure inspiration. By 2000 we had moved back to Canada needing more living space and schooling for our younger children. While my husband Trevor began searching for work I commuted back to Toronto to work for Moss and Lam. The projects were huge and very exciting.....I was working on motifs for iron divisions for a restaurant in New York City, as well as large scale abstract paintings for a fashion store in Quebec City. We moved to Ithaca New York in 2003 where Trevor took on a new job and I gave birth to our 3rd child. Ithaca NY is a college town where 80 % of the population is under 30. A very engaging ivy league school, Cornell absolutely absorbs the life was good with our 3rd "American " child. In 2006 Trevor's employer offered Trevor a job in Reno Nevada, and here we are. (Since this interview Deb and her family have moved back to Canada) deb lloyd - favorite letter (Deb's favorite letter: "A") Do you think most people are living their creative dreams? Are you living your creative dreams? How? I will re-phrase this question so I can best answer it. I would say I live my life by consciously  being creative or design conscious. I make daily decisions on creativity and design. Whether it is as simple as saving a piece of packaging because of great color or texture for a scrap of paper, or a purchase on sheer " great color or label". A creative dream so to speak would be a studio space one day, so that is always tucked in the back of my head. How does family and life experience play into you achieving your goals? Who around you encourages you? For me personally family comes first, so I have to fit myself into my families busy schedule. you must make time for yourself. I run for myself. Running allows my body to de-stress, relax and move. While running my mind can organize the "to do's" or simply explore an idea. I draw encouragement from my friends. How do you conquer fear? How do you encourage others to conquer  their fears? I wouldn't say I conquer fear, however I conquer challenges. To conquer challenges, you have to work towards a goal. I would encourage others to conquer their challenges by taking one day at a time. No matter how big or small the challenge, overwhelming yourself with too big of a" to do" is setting yourself up negatively. Conquer in small bits and the end becomes more visible. Surround yourself with positive people. What are the steps you follow when you are working towards a goal? When working on a goal, I have to follow my calendar and not let the crazy every day life with kids take over completely. Deb Lloyd - Scattered Daisies (a Scattered Daisy Runner sporting their uniform) You just completed the Reno Tahoe Odyssey. What were the creative steps you took in organizing your team, The Scattered Daisies? For the Scattered Daisies women's Odyssey team name, it suited our team as we are somewhat scattered from different places. Daisies took on a nice whimsical feminine touch. Last year I designed a gestural stick runner with a daisy flower head. It seemed to work well in black and white, and also was simple yet a fresh design. Many teams take on a more "Halloween " approach to their gear for this event. However we are all mothers. We want to run in nice fabric. This year my friends at rungirlrun were able to outfit us in a daisy fabric skort with a matching tank and jacket. What does it mean to you to be "an active participant in life”? To be an active participant in life to me means to be positive and encouraging and to "Get Out There" After you have achieved a major goal?  How do you wind down and still keep that momentum moving forward? After completing a major goal ie. like the past weekend of the Reno Tahoe Odyssey I take a rest. Then reflect on all the positives and list my personal "what can I do to make my runs better" list. Our core group for my team reflects instantly for next year. To keep the momentum going forward I will look for a few races to put on the calendar. As summer begins and the kids are out of school, I will start a project at home with all 3 of my kids. I have purchased new sketchbooks for everyone and we will begin our summer one drawing/day. By the end of summer we could all have close to 75 entries to the sketchbook! Deb Lloyd - Guggenhiem (One of Deb's favorite museums) Can you share a favorite website with us? A favorite website Jackson Pollock by Miltos Manetas. My kids and I have more fun on this site. Every time you click your mouse your paint spray changes so you can create your own " Pollock " painting. The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. Chinese Proverb (Debs favorite quote) Stay tuned, as I bring you coverage of the 2012 Scattered Daisies Running Team and update you on what Deb is up to these days... Photo Credits: Deb Lloyd and Sarah Stevenson



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