Flourish Collection by redlinedesign®

by 1 March 13, 2013

flourishone I want to live in a world where there is joy and passion everyday. Where beauty from the inside reigns. I'm tired of seeing the women around me reaching for inner strength and not quite reaching it. Wanting that inner beauty to shine through but not sure how to do it. yellowflowerf2 I want you feel good about yourselves all the time and surround yourselves with beautiful, happy things. You know, the one's that make you smile on the inside and out. Those things... whiteflower That's why I have created a new collection called Flourish to recapture your smile, your warmth, your inner sunlight. You are beautiful, why not surround yourself with something beautiful as well. You deserve it. Its all available now and I want you to share it with the world. Art prints, stationery, iphone cases and sunny new pillow covers. With all my love, Sarah    



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