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by 1 July 28, 2012

(my husband Joe of 22 years and one of my childhood favorites: Luna Park, Melbourne; photo credit: Ben Stevenson) 22 years of marriage, a new niece, a new cousin and a 100 year birthday celebration and launching a retreat - the Create Explore Discover Retreat. All of these milestone events collided on one date June 15th of this year, when a family trip took us to Australia.  

Launching your dream project on the day you are leaving the country may not be ideal.

I did it anyway. And that’s when I learned a valuable lesson about launching. When you leave the country on the day of the launch, you miss a few things. While the excitement and interest in the retreat is astounding, I’ve learned you didn’t know I was offering a special early sign up bonus: The Summer Jumpstart for your Creativity Project. Mea culpa! I created the Summer Jumpstart for Your Creativity Project to provide the first registrants with a series of activities that would flex their creative muscles in a no-pressure way before the retreat. And then I buried the announcement and forgot to add it to the website! This won’t do.

I’m extending the Summer Jumpstart for your Creativity Project through August 15th.

  The project is a self-guided program with 31 prompts to help you infuse creativity and exploration into your summer. You will also have unrestricted access to me for support, enthusiasm and a gentle nudge along the way.   And I’m creating a Flickr group just to showcase the creativity of everyone who jumpstarts their summer! With such a short time left before the hustle-and-bustle of September, this is your opportunity to explore some low-key, no-pressure creative explorations.

In addition, when you register by August 15th, you receive a free copy of the 100 Wednesdays manifesto.

The print retails for $20, but because I so want to prepare you to have the best possible experience at the retreat, I am offering it to you as an additional source of creativity to hang somewhere special in order to remind you to CREATE and BREATHE. Create Explore Discover has been my dream and passion for the past 2 years.  To create a space where all kinds of women can join together for one weekend and tap back into their own personal creativity is my focus and goal. I am cultivating a sacred space where you can come and laugh, learn, and most importantly, breathe and spend just a few delicate hours tending to your own needs. Seeking balance, even if it is just for a small amount of time, is such a stretch for most of us these days, that my goal is and has always been a place where you can achieve that balance even just for that moment.

I invite you to join me and 39 other women at Create.Explore.Discover this fall.



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