designing with photography - paint colors and final palette

by 1 January 11, 2013

Welcome to Friday in our first monthly series of designing with photography. Today, I have taken our full palette and photography from Monday and Wednesday and have developed it into a portable color palette and inspiration book that I can take with me when I go out looking for inspiring items to add to my collections. As a reminder: we started with my jonquil photography on Monday and pulled colors to start the beginning of a palette or inspiration for a color scheme. On Wednesday we added accessories and fun items and today I have added paint colors and notes to help you get started. I generally start with paint colors or solid fabrics when I build color inspiration. My favorite paints are Benjamin Moore for the quality, durability and color selection. If you are using paint I recommend an eggshell finish in most spaces except bathrooms and kitchens. An eggshell finish provides a nice soft sheen to your walls and also is easily wiped clean from scuff marks and kids "art projects". The colors used as a base for this palette are: OC-96 Gentle Cream AF-390 Altiplano Glacier 2146-40 Pale Avacado 2147-30 Jalepeno Pepper From here you can add blues, yellows, pinks to round out your palette as I have shown in the picture. A few additional notes:
  • build a personal gallery in your space that combines any number of these colors to produce a space that not only adds your own design personality but a wonderful splash of color as well.
  • use a combination of color as building blocks with a nice neutral palette such as whites, creams, greys and blacks
  • frame prints in black frames with a white mat for a gallery feel.
  • accessorize with sculpture, pillows, books, blankets that resonate with you and show your personality.
This months sources: Thanks for joining me this week and I look forward to sharing another colorful palette for you in February.



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