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by 1 August 08, 2011

Happy Monday everyone....I got a bit behind on posting all the instructors for the retreat last week as I am officially on vacation so I apologize if you were waiting to see who was coming next. Today, I am introducing you to Marisa Anne of Creative Thursday. If you have followed along on the blog for some time you will know that I have mentioned Marisa quite often and that I have participated in many of her online courses. She is an amazing person and teacher and if you are looking for a creative class I would highly recommend all of them. Marisa and I met last December at the Renegade Craft Fair in San Francisco and she was even more wonderful and sweet in person. Marisa has graciously offered to participate in our upcoming retreat as both an instructor and our opening night speaker. She also has been a cheerleader and coach to me throughout the planning process of this event. We began our journey together about 1-1/2 years ago when I signed up to participate in a course she titled: "April in Paris". I happened to be in Australia for my grandfathers funeral when the course began so I participated from Sydney while she and her partner Sean traveled to Paris for a month. It was a growing and healing experience for me and began a year long journey with Marisa and Sean that continues into this upcoming event. I am so excited that Marisa can participate and I know you will learn so much from her. Marisa will be teaching Painting with Stitches where she will be teaching us how to embroider and paint a small fabric design onto an embroidery hoop.

Marisa Anne is an artist living in Los Angeles, California.

Always drawn to a creative life, Marisa decided to get a degree in Advertising instead of Fine Art because she didn't think she could make a living as an artist. {As it turns out she was wrong }

Working as a both a graphic designer and interior designer in the early part of her career, Marisa also studied acting and improvisation at the Groundlings School and Theater in Los Angeles. She credits Improv, and the small intention she set while working full time; to be more creative just one day a week {on Thursdays of course}, as the catalyst to helping her finally trust her own creative voice.

Once she decided to take that leap, she found her way back to what she truly loves, working in all mediums, from acrylic painting, to sculpting, to writing, to textile creations and design.

Oh and that small intention also grew into a full time business called Creative Thursday that is now home to a cast of characters who wear hats, hold hands and encourage you to follow your dreams too.

Marisa’s art work sells all over the world via select galleries and her own online shop, as well as Urban Outfitters, Papyrus, and the Land of Nod. Her first fabric line was just released in the Spring of 2011.

Passionate about encouraging others to live a life they love, especially creatively Marisa teaches, speaks and is also the voice of the Creative Thursday blog and podcasts.

Welcome Marisa.....I am truly excited to share this special event with you and am so excited to see what you will be sharing....Have a great Monday everyone....



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