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by 1 August 09, 2011

Our third instructor for create explore discover art retreat is Liz Kalloch of Liz Kalloch Designs. Liz has been a wonderful mentor and guide to me for the past 1 - 1/2 years as the leader of The Meet Up which is a monthly business/life goal and dreams group that shares once a month through her website and blog. A funny story about connections and how small the world around us truly is....Liz and I met in person at the Renegade Craft Fair in San Francisco last December where she was helping none other than Marisa Anne from Creative Thursday. Liz and I hit it off immediately and it felt as though we had been friends forever. Liz is an amazing writer, poet and artist and you can find her many places on the internet including her own website and blog and on Scoutie Girl where she writes about  being a creative business owner and artist. Liz will be teaching a two day class for us this year that proves to be amazing. It is called Art Treasures Pendants and Charms and we will be learning how to make a very special keepsake piece of jewelry.

I am a painter and designer and as an artist I am enchanted with the little details: the veins in a rock, all the different “browns” that come together to make brown hair, and how in such very different ways, we all use our hands to talk. I believe we all have our own very individual life purpose. I believe that colour can change a moment, a life. I believe that when we stop long enough to listen to that still and quiet inner voice, we can do anything we choose.

My current work is about what we might call the smaller moments: Moments that may not feel like much of anything as they pass us by — a breeze that blows back your hair and makes you turn to see a bird flying at some crazy reckless angle; dropping something on the ground and bending over to pick it up, realise there is a miraculously beautiful doodle painted onto the base of a sign post — chance encounters that sparkle briefly and are often forgotten, like dreams slipping away when waking. I make lists of these moments and return to them when I am sitting down to paint. These moment-memories are then combined with symbols, colour, patterns, flowers and a tableau is created to keep the moment alive. My desire as a teacher is to inspire students to fully stop, find their own voice deep inside and begin to notice their world—taking note of the things that thrill them, the moments that make them feel most alive, the feelings that give them the most energy, and to take what I call these Observing Tools and use them to find the power in their own deep artistic expression and then to create. Please help me in welcoming Liz to our special event...and have a great Tuesday everyone. I'll see you back here next week when I share a little more about myself and what I will be teaching at the retreat.....



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