august break 2011 - day 31

by 1 August 31, 2011

Today marks the end of a month long photographic journey called August Break 2011 with Susannah Conway.  During this month, for me, it was a time of total photographic reflection, travel, new school year for my children and saying goodbye to dear family friends. The beginning of month was filled with travel to San Francisco, summer swim meets and travel to beautiful New Hampshire. All shared here through my photos. It was also a month of chance moments with my iphone and how I could use  the instagram app as a tool for telling my story. Here is the story through my photos. August--a time for endings and new beginnings..... group one: in my life: san francisco; swim meets; peace; reno; anthropologie; flowers; mountain living group 2: in my travels: airplanes; more flowers; art and craft; good food; family games and thoughts over moonlit nights; good hair products and good hair salons; group 3: in my heart: local festivals; tastes of good brew; the sky where I live; more flowers; more craft; back to school; reflecting on good friends and family, change and incredible sunsets..... What will I do now with this collection of photos? I will be creating a photo journal that will be the basis of the class I am teaching at create explore discover this fall. I will also be learning more about how I see through a special class with Susannah Conway being held at the teahousestudio in berkeley, california. I'll be telling you more about it in the upcoming weeks. Hope you have enjoyed August Break 2011 as much as I have.....



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