Art Saves - "love the way the light hits your soul"

by 1 November 12, 2012

{Jenny Doh} Jenny Doh and I first met at The Makerie this spring and I had the opportunity to shoot this photo of her on the last day of the event. The early morning sunlight was streaming through the window and several of us were playing with our cameras and experimenting with the light. The way the sun hit Jenny's face was remarkable to me and she was generous enough to allow me to capture the moment on my camera. I did not think about it much at the time and we had just met so I promised to send her a copy of the photo. This is the first time I have shown anyone the results of that day but I am excited to share them with you here as a few weeks after the Makerie, Jenny contacted me and asked me to curate a week on her website: Crescendoh. I was thrilled. So months later here we sit, and I am about to begin my week as a curator on her site. Thank you Jenny for the opportunity and I hope you enjoy your photo. In addition to the lovely photo of Jenny, many of the women that I am sharing about this week were also in attendance that day and I have compiled several shots into the grouping below to show us playing and having a little fun at the end of the weekend. Apart from my family and a few close friends, these are the very first "portrait" type photos that I have taken and as quoted by my friend and fellow photographer, Catherine Just, "Love the way the light hits your soul" {alli bozeman - bird dog press] {meghan davidson and belinda fireman} {meghan and christa } {anne weil and meghan} Thanks ladies for being such beautiful studies in light, fun and silliness. And to all of you reading please stop over to Crescendoh to hear about my creative story and learn about some amazing creative women this week.    



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