100 Wednesdays Weeks 3 and 4 Paintings

by 1 March 30, 2011

Its been a few weeks since Get Your Paint On finished but I wanted to make sure that I shared my final projects with you. This week I have Weeks 3 and 4 and once I complete week 5 I will post it for you. Week 3 was all about color. Lisa and Mati introduced us to some amazing artists and one that really caught my attention was Beatriz Milhazes. If you click on her name I have linked it to a page of images on google. Beatriz is a Brazilian artist that started as a collage artist. Over the years she has begun experimenting with how paint can be used as collage. Many of her pieces have large circles that she paints onto some sort of plastic medium, waits for them to dry and then adds them to her painting. I have added an image of her work from my sketchbook and all the paint palette I chose for this weeks particular painting. My thought process in creating the piece with the quail was to create something strictly with paint and no collage attachment to it (as Lisa challenged us to do so) I experimented with layers and color and small detail with a paint brush. The result is the piece you see in the lower left corner above. Week 4 was all about composition and looking at your pieces in a different way. Along with composition come basic design principles of harmony and balance. For me it was fun to take a step back and rethink what composition is all about. Also during the research for this week my Creative Coconuts group was in deep discussion over the word "Balance" and what that means to an artist that juggles many things in their day. I chose to include the word "balance" in my piece for the Coconuts and wanted to practice writing with a paint brush. My color palette stayed similar to my other pieces and I have included a page from my sketchbook that shows a thumbnail of my painting. During this process, I have learned a lot about picking up a paint brush again. I have chosen small 8x8 gesso boards as my medium to paint on and have limited my paint palette so that I can experiment with how the colors go together. My pieces are also relatively simple so that I can obtain a sense of completion. My kids have also painted with me throughout the course and we have found something we truly enjoy doing together. Hope you have a enjoyed a peek into my painting. Have a great Wednesday everyone....  



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