100 Wednesdays-Create Explore Discover Art Retreat

by 1 July 06, 2011

Happy Wednesday everyone......Its been quite awhile since I have done a 100 Wednesday post so I am excited to share this one with you today. As I said in other posts it has been quite a busy time for redlinedesign® these past few months and now I am able to start sharing the fruits of all that labor. I think I mentioned yesterday that we would be launching the logo for our new retreat soon and of course as soon as I as I woke up this morning my inbox had this beautiful logo waiting for me....I love what Jo created for us....she took my photograph that is on createexplorediscoverand transformed it into a piece of simple beauty....exactly what I wanted. Fall happens to be my favorite time in Lake Tahoe and I love exploring the area with my family... finding pieces of beauty along the way.....The aspen leaf is one of those pieces for me. If you know the Lake Tahoe area at all you know that the color is manly shades of brown, green and a stunning white from the rocks on the mountains and of course the stunning blue and green of the lake. But in the fall this incredible yellow emerges as the Aspen trees begin to change and fall off the trees. You can be driving along and see bursts of yellow that are warm and inviting. This is exactly what I want to share with you when you join us on our weekend...A warm, inviting and colorful weekend in the mountains...exploring and creating on your own terms, in your own time frame. I smile just thinking about it.....So please share this with your friends and family and join me on this wonderful creative journey....your car is waiting at the airport..... Have a great Wednesday everyone.....  



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