100 Wednesdays - April 3, 2013

by 1 April 23, 2013

IMG_1999 {color inspiration} I have been traveling over the last several weeks, so my 100 Wednesdays posts have gotten a bit behind. I am still taking my photographs and will catch up over the course of the week. One thing I have found through working on this project is that finding constant inspiration can be hard. I have had to keep adjusting my focus when looking for inspiration shots because around my home and neighborhood, I was beginning to feel as though I had run out of things to take pictures. Luckily, about the same time, spring began and the colors surrounding me added a whole new level to what I could see through my lens. This weeks focus included some floral arrangements in a hotel I was staying in and then as you will see below: the colors in my yard. From these photos, I will develop a color inspiration boards so that I can use them in my painting and designing later down the road. IMG_2008 {color in my garden #white} As I create the boards I will share that process with you here and then as I create artwork I will have color inspiration at my fingertips to use throughout my projects. IMG_2009 {colors in my garden #pink} The photo above was really my favorite for the week, as I love how the iphone captured the sunlight streaming through the delicate pink flowers. What is also wonderful about photographing flowers is that I can now use them as a jumping off point for my artwork and for sketching. I am interested in incorporating the main flower in the piece into a mixed media project. Let's see what happens....   100 Wednesdays is a year and a half project where I document the world through my eyes with my ipone camera and share the results of my favorite shots of the week on Wednesdays.   100_Wednesdays  



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