100 Wednesdays-20x200

by 1 October 13, 2010

Every Wednesday, I receive a little New York email from a gallery called 20x200. 20x200 sells prints ranging from $20.00, yes $20.00, to anywhere from $500-$3,000. Today,artist Jenny Odell from San Francisco is featured. I love this piece because of how it is arranged and how all the different types of ships give you a perspective of coming and going. It is called:195 Yachts, Barges, Cargo Lines, Tankers, and Other Ships. If you are trying to find some great art but don’t have a huge art budget, this is your place. I have purchased several pieces from the gallery that I just love. I know I am receiving a quality piece of art from an up and coming artist and I know it is nothing that anyone else will find locally. Where do you go for your creative art endeavours? I’d love to know. Have a great Wednesday...



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