100 Wednesdays

by 1 September 22, 2010

Normally, I would be bringing you my sketches for 100 Ideas in 100 Days that I have been sharing over the last month. You will now be able to find those on the redlinedesign flickr feed. I will still be posting every week as I have some students from University of Georgia working with me this semester on a special project. Hopefully, over the next month I will be able to share some of their work with you. In the mean time it is my intention to use 100 Wednesday to bring you a glimpse of creativity that I have found around the web, in magazines, and books in hopes to help you along in whatever creative journey you are seeking at the moment. Today, I want to introduce you to Art Journaling by Somerset Studio and an artist I found inspiring in the Summer 2010 issue, Trina Lucido. What I loved about this entry in the magazine was that it was all completed in a coloring book. One of my favorite coloring books as a matter of fact, called Scribbles by Taro Gomi. My kids both have copies of the book and my daughter has had this magazine out in front of her as she draws for inspiration. This is such a simple way to start a creative journey and doesn’t require you to think of what to do. (Especially great if you are a busy mom). Trina used the prompts on each page to spark creativity and went from there. Her writing, her use of tactile objects and fun sketches makes it so interesting to look at. I can’t wait to try a few myself. The textures and bits of paper on these pages and also a quote from Coco Chanel next to the girl in the dress, give you such a feel of what she is trying to convey in her journey. Along with Scribbles, Taro Gomi has several other sketchbooks that I love. One on my shelf is Doodle All Year and the photo at the top of the post shows one of my doodles...... Have a great day......



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