Welcome September

by Sarah Stevenson August 29, 2010


With enough momentum any kind of change is possible. --John Maxwell

I have finally returned to the blogging world after three weeks off and what better way to begin September than The Meetup....September is always a new beginning for me and I always seem to work off a school calendar rather than the normal January to December calendar that we all know and love. With the Meetup this month I have decided to start fresh with my goals. Last month I said I would be rearranging  how I share them with the group and I have done that. I now have three categories based upon how my business works. Because it is a new beginning I also want to share my existing mission statement for Red Line Design which I will be tweeking over the coming months.

Fall looks really exciting for my business and hope that you can all share in that excitement with your businesses. I am enjoying this group and the friends I am making. So thanks Liz for providing a forum for us to share and I hope you all have a great month...... Mission Statement to provide long term business relationships through outstanding customer service and creative solutions designed to meet a variety of clients needs in the areas of interior design, photography and education. September Business Goals

Design Develop list of vendors for  design library update linkedin profile renew business licenses client billing sign up for spring design exam

Photography Update Etsy Shop Finalize and Roll Out New Branding for Etsy Shop Update Photography on Website Call for Fall Shows Education Begin Blogging Your Way E-Course Complete Creative Thursday E-course Begin Marketing E-course Begin On-Line Community-Creative Coconuts Begin Guest Lecture Series at University of Georgia via Skype Business Goals are a part of a monthly business group called the Meet Up. You can find the meet up at Athena Dreams with the wonderful Liz as your host....

Sarah Stevenson
Sarah Stevenson


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