Wander: The Inspiration

by Sarah Stevenson March 06, 2015

Red-Line-Design-Wander-Pink-Citreon {Pink Citreon - Wander Paris} This week I wanted to share with you how the word Wander came about for one of my product lines. I am a traveler, I document my travels through photography and sketching and when I was developing the Wander Collection, I wanted to create a name for the collection that was inspired by my travels. The word "wander" means: walk or move in a leisurely, casual aimless way.This stuck with me as this is exactly what I do when I travel. I like to approach my days with a broad outline of where I am exploring but leave it open for the unexpected and the richness of the places I visit. We have two collections within Wander now: Paris and Nevada and will be expanding into other locations in the next few months. The images from Paris and Nevada are available as cards, 8x10 limited edition prints and 9x9 framed limited edition prints. Wander: The Inspiration is the extension of those collections and is all about how I find that inspiration when I am not traveling. This week's inspiration: Letters between Frida Kahlo and Georgia O'Keefe on Brain Pickings Its the 30th Anniversary of the movie Breakfast Club (one of my favorite 80's movies and one I could totally relate to back then) Victoria's Happy Place reminds me that having somewhere to stop and slow down is really important for the creative process. I love my studio space but being able to lounge and read would be delightful. Have a great Friday everyone!

Sarah Stevenson
Sarah Stevenson


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