redinedesign: Red Hearts and Flowers

by Sarah Stevenson February 06, 2015

wandercollectionvalentines2_2015_lowres Looking at these images takes me back to Paris and the incredible trip we took as a family a few years ago. We were lucky enough to stay with my uncle and his family on this trip and their view was of the Eiffel Tower. Everything about our stay was magical. The meals we shared, the places we walked, the sights and sounds we gathered on our daily trips. I'm drawn to images of flowers and hearts. They envelop me in memories of my family. Flowers remind me of my grandmother and hearts make me feel connected to family far away. I'm also a hopeless romantic. I think it drives my husband crazy but he indulges it on occasion. Take a moment today, to think about someone you love; write them a note, give them a kiss, and don't forget to tell them that you LOVE them! Happy Friday everyone!

Sarah Stevenson
Sarah Stevenson


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