Friday Moments in Creativity - May 20

by Sarah Stevenson May 20, 2016

I've been thinking a lot about music lately and also about sharing deep personal stories and how they can really impact the way we see the world around us. Today, I want to share some pieces with you that I have found from people I admire for their honesty, friendship and the bigger impact they have on the world around us. Up first is this awesome video above Ordinary Love created by Oliver Jeffers and Mac Premo with U2. As I have been talking about the last several weeks, when creative disciplines make a cross over something magical happens... Design Sponge I have followed Grace Bonney's work for many years and have written several posts for her blog: Design Sponge. Her essay today reminds us that in the face of difficult life experiences that it takes time to heal and to develop a path to move forward. I appreciate her honesty and candor and understand personally how difficult medical issues can be for anyone trying to run a creative business and juggle everything life hands you. Joy is Always Possible In the past year I have reconnected with several of my high school friends. My high school experience was unique in that most of us also went to middle school together. This essay written by my middle school friend Melinda is a beautiful reminder of music and its healing virtues. It is an honor to share her thoughts with you today. In case you missed our most recent posts: On Pursuing and Living Your Dreams Memories of Prince Elle Luna: The Crossroads of Should and Must Matt and Mike Czuchry: Brothers on Life   Incidently its Matt's birthday today - Happy Birthday Matt Have a great Friday everyone!

Sarah Stevenson
Sarah Stevenson


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