Embrace YOU!

by Sarah Stevenson February 23, 2015

Red-Line-Design-Photo-Vivienne-McMaster {portrait session with Vivienne McMaster} Last fall I had some photos taken by Vivienne McMaster at a business retreat I was attending. Vivienne is a photographer that teaches you to embrace YOU through self love and self portraiture. Our morning included journaling, self-portraits and a 20 minute individual photo session with Viv. Red-Line-Design-Sarah-and-Viv {Sarah and Viv} photo by Sarah This was admittedly one of the hardest things I have done. As women, we can be so critical of our appearance and of what we look like as we age that it is often difficult to see ourselves without blinders on. I am no different. I automatically thought "oh my god, those wrinkles around my eyes" instead of saying those wrinkles have so much to tell and to share from what they have seen. I've held on to the photographs from our session for the last several months and have only just begun to share them. I think part of this is because I was nervous. I nervous because I was critical. All the things I have been teaching my own teenage daughter to embrace and I was not embracing them myself. This is where I am in my life: a 47 year old woman with two teenage children and I have been married for 25 years. I have a lot to be proud of and Vivienne helped me to see that. Red-Line-Design-Self-Portrait {self portrait} I decided to share these photos today because last week I received this video from Susannah Conway and I also read about a similar experience that my friend Lisa Congdon shared. These are both women that I admire deeply for consistently sharing their own truths. This is an important dialogue and one I hope to continue to talk about more in this space. In the meantime: YOU are your most important asset and YOU are ENOUGH! Have a great Monday everyone!

Sarah Stevenson
Sarah Stevenson


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