52 weeks of black and white: week 7

by Sarah Stevenson February 20, 2015

Red-Line-Design-Santa-Monica-Pier-bw {Santa Monica Pier at Sunset} Once again this week, I am a tad late in posting my 100 Wednesday Black and White. My family is off school this week and my husband is on vacation so I'm a bit distracted with good things and family time. My son turned 18 this week and it has put me into a major reflection mode. Both of my kids call it my "Hallmark" moments but I am realizing how quickly they are both growing up and how soon our daily family dynamic will change and I want to savor every last moment and enjoy. This photo reminded me also of savoring our moments and taking the time to reflect and be connected to nature. I have wanted to touch the sand and hear the waves crash for about 6 months and finally last week I got to do that. Even just a brief beach visit reconnected me with a slower pace, fresh air and the journey I am on... Have a great Friday everyone! 100_Wednesdays

Sarah Stevenson
Sarah Stevenson


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