self care: laughter and friendship

August 20, 2013


{Brigitte and Christa during photo workshop with Alessandra Cave}

This is my favorite photo from last years Create Explore Discover Art Retreat. For me it sums up completely what the retreat is all about: making friends, sharing stories and laughing. It is about the people that make themselves present and open themselves to areas of their lives that may not always be at the forefront.

I have very close friends all over the country and whenever we get together it is this sharing of stories and laughter – the kind that is deep in your belly – that I so cherish in our time together. We may not see each other often but when we do, its like we never left and we pick up from wherever we are in our lives currently. Meeting new people in a retreat setting can also spark this same feeling as you are on a like minded journey and are sharing something of yourself that everyone else is sharing also.

I met Christa at a retreat, in a painting class that we were taking. Instantly, something connected with us and we have been friends ever since. I have watched her grow a photography business and we check in every so often just see how we are doing. Our paths would not have crossed had I not taken a leap and attended the painting class.

Laughter and friendship for me is a basis for self care. Without it I feel lost and lonely. When I have it I feel fulfilled and warm inside. I am connected to something greater than myself.

How about you? what about meeting new people, laughing with like minded souls and gathering long time friends makes you shine?

There are still some weekend spots available for Create Explore Discover. I hope you will consider joining us this fall.

Have a great Monday, everyone.


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