Meet the Artist: Mati McDonough

July 24, 2014

hearty adventure I’m so excited to share this weeks artist of the week, Mati McDonough. Mati and I have known each other for quite some time now and this marks her 3rd year teaching Daring Adventures in Paint. Mati recently took some time to answer a few questions about the retreat and teaching her students. Tell a little about yourself. Where you have lived, what type of creative work you have done and how you came to build your business. I grew up on the Southern tip of Maine. Went to undergrad in Minnesota and studied Latin American studies and art, as part of my major I studied abroad in Bogota, Colombia and interned in a woman’s prison teaching art. I moved West in 2000 with my college roommate and experienced the most kickass cross-country road trip of America on the way to the Bay Area and have stayed here since. layered studio quote In terms of building my creative business, I took the seemingly impractical leap and went back to art school at the California College of the Arts when I was 29 during the middle of a recession. Now, 10 years later, I see it was the best thing I could have done to commit to my art whole-heartedly. My business happened organically— when I was in art school I started a blog and opened an etsy store to make a little extra money while waitressing. Through my blog and etsy site, my art started to get noticed and I was asked to have shows and to sell my work in retail stores. Soon after I started working with my illustration agent Lilla Rogers who I sought out to work with upon finishing school. From that experience I started licensing my art and doing illustration professionally. mati_PP_better to err This is your 3rd year teaching at, what keeps you coming back? The comfortable beds! Just kidding, but they are luxurious I just love this retreat. The size is small and the tone is very nurturing and inspiring. The hotel and Truckee are beautiful and nourishing. i carry your heart book cover What is your favorite part of the retreat? Getting to know the students as we sit across each other and paint. Seeing how we share so much life wisdom at the table and witnessing the incredible art that is created in such a short time. mati_PP_begin You have been teaching Daring Adventures in Paint for a few years now, what amazes you most about your students? how have you grown as a teacher? That my students show up and create the most beautiful art even after sometimes a lifetime of them believing that they are not “creatives”. I’ve grown as a teacher in that I truly trust the process of creating and to push past the resistance and “ugly stage” and “self-criticism” and lean into the work. Time and time again when I can lead students through this process, incredible work emerges. mati_PP_trust the floating What fun and exciting things are in store for you and your business this year? I’m getting more and more excited at the Biz side of my business. I’ve been creatively mentoring many artists this year and see what incredible steps they’ve taken to fulfill their creative dreams. I am creating an online class called Daring Adventures in Creative Business to expand this creative mentoring out in the world. mati_PP_bravest Having attended and taught at many creative retreats around the world what can you share that would sway someone to take the leap and attend a retreat? Oh it is the biggest form of self-care to say yes to a retreat! To step outside of your normal life and into an open space of learning and growing from others. It’s such a wonderful way to connect with others deeply and to nurture the artist and whole person inside you. I hope to see you there! mati_PP_travelPlease share the best ways to find you online: Thanks so much for joining us this week Mati and we look forward to seeing you again in October. CEDlogo_silver  

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