Meet the Artist: Alessandra Cave

August 13, 2012

I am honored today to share our next artist in the Meet the Artist series: Alessandra Cave. Alex and I met this spring at the Makerie where she was teaching a weekend of photography classes. My friend Marisa introduced us and I was so intrigued by her story of how she became an artist and photographer that we instantly connected. I was also looking for a photographer to teach at the Create Explore Discover Retreat and Alex offered to be that teacher. I am so excited to share her story and incredible photography with all of you.

Tell a little about yourself. Where you have lived, what type of creative work you have done and how you came to build your business.

I am Alessandra Cave. I was born and raised in Brazil, but I followed my heart all over the world, until I finally settled in San Francisco. After working for over 10 years as a producer in the film industry, in 2009, I kissed the cubicle goodbye to make a living as an independent multi-passionate creative entrepreneur. I currently split my time between photography assignments, teaching workshops, developing book concepts, producing films, and raising my amazing daughter, who is my biggest creative achievement to date.

Do you think most people are living their creative dreams? Are you living your creative dreams? How?

I think more and more people are waking up, believing in possibility, taking risks, and investing in the pursuit of their creative dreams. I consider myself someone who has been living her creative dreams her whole life. But my dreams have certainly changed and evolved along the way, always leading to new and better dreams, shaping my life to be ever more authentic and fulfilling. I believe that we don’t just wake up one day in our dream life. We need to envision it first, then really work hard at manifesting it. It is all about determination and perseverance.

How does family and life experience play into you achieving your 
goals? Who around you encourages you?

I think there is certainly helpful to grow up in a creative family and environment that is conducive to art, adventure and possibility. However, I must say that the other side of the coin can also be a great motivation for change and growth. 

I grew up in a very simple household and community, where creativity and hobbies were a privilege. My parents, however, did everything they could to feed my cravings, going beyond their means to support my artistic dreams. The way they dedicated their own lives to secure 9-5+ jobs in order for me to have better opportunities, was an amazing gift and also great mentoring for me in terms of generosity, diligence, discipline and hard work. I can take those values now and apply to my life, so I can make a living doing what I love, give back, and make them proud. 

I feel incredibly supported by my family, friends, the online community, and mostly my husband, who despite all, never gives up on me, and my daughter, who inspires me daily.

How do you conquer fear? How do you encourage others to conquer their fears?

In my mind there is only one way to conquer fear, which is to “feel it, but do it anyway”. In my experience, fear is a constant, so I just learned to acknowledge it and then ignore it.

What are the steps you follow when you are working towards a goal?

I try to take action every day. Sometimes I take lots of action, and other times I feel small, lazy, tired, frustrated, but I still try to take at least one tiny step forward in the direction I’m headed. With time, sustained action creates momentum and everything flows!

After you have achieved a major goal?  How do you wind down and still keep that momentum moving forward?

I think it is important to take the time to rest, replenish and also celebrate the gifts from the experience with our loved ones. Then again, I always feel like a tiny action is enough to keep myself going forward until momentum kicks in once again.

List of your favorite websites and why?

Oh! That is such a hard question as I go to different sites for different reasons and it all changes with my mood and interests on any given day. 

I’m also more interested in thinking outside the box these days, meaning staying away from the computer as much as possible, and I’m finding that my best ideas usually show up on a notebook versus on a screen. I’m also really loving all the beautiful magazines out there: Kinfolk, Pure Green, Sweet Paul, 3191Q, etc.


I really love browsing my friend Aran’s blog Cannelle et Vanille. Her beautiful imagery combined with how she shares bits of her life with her kids, really hits a sweet spot in my heart right now. Our work is very different, which helps me stay focus on what I do without influence, while still appreciating beautiful photography.

Ryan Marshall and his family continuously captivate me via their blog Pacing the Panic Room. I really love reading about family life through Ryan’s point of view. It is so rear that we get to hear a father’s take on emotions, etc. And his photos are like candy to me. I especially love following him and his wife on Instagram.

Always Decor8, for style and trends. Holly is consistent and kind. She does great work.

Danielle La Porte, for soulful life & business advice. She is the bomb!

Marianne Elliott, for yoga boost and a healthy dose of worldly reality. Love this girl. She is doing such important work to help us connect and align our dreams with a higher purpose in the world.

and many many more…

share your favorite places in the US and abroad and tell why

Bay Area (eclectic, fun, progressive, beautiful surroundings)

Brazil (home, beach, nature, music, vibrancy, warm hearts)

Asia (people, food, simple life, visual bliss)

India (color, traditions, complexity)

Australia (laid back culture, good vibes, style, they know how to make & serve good coffee!)
favorite museums and creative influence

Guggenheim, New York

Getty, Los Angeles

Tate Modern, London

De Young, San Francisco

MAM, Sao Paulo

I am constantly inspired by nature, paintings, music and theatre. Lately I am also really moved and influenced by the handmade community.

what do the following words mean to you…art? design? creativity? how do these fit into your life?

These words are like air to me!

tell me anything else that my readers may want to know about you….

I am incredibly passionate about inspiring other women to follow their creative passion.


Want to meet Alex in person? As I mentioned above she’s one of the instructors for Create.Explore.Discover.


Learn more about the event.

Here’s where you can find more about Alex and her work:

website: alessandra cave

facebook: Alessandra De Souza Cave

twitter: @alessandracave

**please note: all photography for this piece is by Alessandra Cave



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