Create Explore Discover – Attendee Check-In

May 29, 2012

It has been 8 months since the inaugural Create Explore Discover Art Retreat and today we will be checking in with a few of last years participants to see how they have been using their new found skills and continuing on their own creative journeys. One thing you will find when attending a retreat is that you have a resurgence of a desire to create or an innate sense of continuing what you  began during your time away. I can truly attest to this as having just attended a retreat myself. Part of creating the experience of Create Explore Discover is also keeping in touch with the participants to find out how they may have moved forward with their own creative desires. The participants that I will be introducing you to today are not only artists and creatives in their own adventures but also dear friends of mine. So it is especially gratifying seeing people you care about pursuing their creative dreams.

jen hayashi

First, Jen Hayashi…Jen and I have known each other for close to 10 years and have taken many art classes together both locally and in the Bay Area. For the retreat Jen chose to attend Liz Kallochs Art Charms and Pendants Class.  What was so wonderful for both of us was that Jen chose to incorporate her original art pieces, many of which were created during the classes we have taken together,  into the pendants that she made. The top photo of this post shows one of Jen’s paintings shrunk down and printed to fit one of the pendants. Jen is an extraordinary artist and she is constantly exploring her own creativity.

After the retreat, I asked Jen to be one of the artists at an event I host each year, called Handmade Holidays. Jen went on to create around 60 art charms and pendants with matching cards and just about sold out of everything she created for the event. Jen has lately been exploring her camera and has attended an additional class on Polaroid Photography. It is my hope that she will be attending the retreat again this year and will be one of the volunteers helping all the attendees with their own explorations.

Second, Kathleen Kosman. Kathleen was in charge of marketing, sponsorship and helping me with whatever I needed for last years retreat, she is also one of my dearest and most supportive friends. She is extremely creative and is always doing some sort of fun project. At the retreat she attended Marisa Anne’s, Painting in Stitches class and the photo above shows what she created during her time with Marisa. After the retreat, Kath attended a sewing class and created Christmas stockings and a tree skirt for her holiday home. She has also been teaching art in one of her daughters classes at school and has been helping to bring an interest to the arts to the next generation of creatives.


Finally, Angie Allen. Angie has a creative business and attended the retreat during what she called a “creative slump”. I don’t believe that someone as creative as she is was truly in a slump but rather in the ebb and flow that is so common for creative people. She chose to participate in both painting classes taught by Denice Brown and wrote this about her experience:

“As a busy mom who works in the creative arts, CED was a great opportunity for me to step away from the obligations and deadlines of my daily life. I was able to explore mediums completely new to me while enjoying the company of like-minded artists, each at a different point in their creative development. I was uplifted by the wisdom and expertise of the instructors and inspired by my new found skills. Thank you, Sarah! It was a perfect way to enjoy good friends (new and old), delectable food and some much needed “me” time.” – Angie Allen

Angie continues on her creative  journey as a talented illustrator, photographer and now surface pattern designer for A Fresh Bunch. You can follow along with Angie on her website: This week Angie and I will also be writing about a group of our friends that participate in the Reno Tahoe Odyssey which is a 168 mile relay race around Lake Tahoe and the Reno area. Angie generally catches the beginning of the race and I catch the end. I’ll be introducing you to Deb Lloyd, who is an artist the the team captain of the Scattered Daisies, later this week.

Have a great week everyone and don’t forget to sign-up for the weekly creativity newsletter as preregistration opens for the retreat on Friday, June 1st, for all newsletter subscribers.


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