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June 07, 2016


The other day, my dear friend and PR guru, Rachel and I were chatting via email about social media and she shared a really great post via ohjoy explaining where you can find her on social media and what she is doing in those places. We thought it would be a great idea to share something similar here so that you know where I am and what I am finding inspiring out there on the internet.

Website: This is the main home for my business. From here you can see a gallery of my work; link to the blog and my shop and find out what kind of services I offer. I keep it as up to date as possible but if you are looking for a “day in the life” type view of me and my business, definitely check one of the sources below.

Newsletter: As a newsletter subscriber you will be the first to hear about upcoming workshops, talks, new products and business and creative tips. I email about once a month, sometimes more if I am promoting classes and retreats.

Blog: here I take an in depth look into creativity. I have a deep love of how creative disciplines intersect and how we can look toward other creatives for inspiration. In addition, I post about workshops, my wholesale and retail products and my creative process. I blog about 2-3 times per week or more if I find something really worth sharing.

Instagram: You can find me here almost everyday. It has been my main platform to share my photography for 3 years. I do not have a curated feed as it is more about what is inspiring me, testing out my photography skills and sharing my story as a creative. It’s the back end look into my life and business.

Twitter: You can find me here throughout the day, re-tweeting about art, design, architecture, music, and other creative disciplines. I follow a really diverse group of people and businesses. Right now I am really into the show Roadies so you will see A LOT about it. I also connect with other inspiring creatives that I hope to interview, meet or have come to one of my events. It’s really where I have fun and show my other side.

Pinterest: Here you can find out about what is inspiring me in design, architecture, quotes, fonts, small business. My boards are curated by the branded look and feel of Red Line Design. I have been on pinterest since it’s beginning days and strongly support Ben Silberman’s efforts towards the blogging and design industries.

Facebook: My facebook page is where I post about product, shows, events and my business. You will see my instagram feed pop up every now and again. You can purchase my products straight from my facebook page and you find my studio information here. It is updated throughout the week.

Periscope: Although quite new to video streaming, I do have an account set up and will be scoping in the coming months as I get my new studio location up and running. Be sure to follow me so that I can keep you updated on when I will be live. You can find me @redlinereno.

As you can see, I have a large social media presence and would love to have you join me wherever you hang out most often. If you do not like any of the platforms I mentioned, that is totally awesome. Sign-up for our newsletter and we can keep it really simple. Please note: I do all my own social media posting so you will always be talking to me and I do my best to answer back as quickly as I can.

There are a few peeps in the photo above that I need to give a quick shout out:

Have a great Tuesday everyone!



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