Welcome October

October 01, 2010

October is here and I have to say it is my favorite month of year. I love that we are beginning to get cooler nights and incredibly warm and sunny days. Our days are shorter but in Nevada the sun shines, the wind stops blowing and the sunsets are spectacular. September was such a busy month with getting kids back to school and beginning three courses at once. I felt like I too was going back to school (I guess I was). October will be more settled as redlinedesign celebrates a year in business and hopefully will become a registered trademark as well. It is also my birthday month and my daughters birthday month so there is a lot to celebrate here. This is what September actually looked like:
September Business Goals
• Develop list of vendors for design library-ongoing; able to set up with carpet installer to use his library so I don’t have to store product here
• update linkedin profile-need to finish two parts of profile
• renew business licenses-complete thanks to my attorney
• client billing-complete
• sign up for spring design exam-need to register

• Update Etsy Shop-in process; exploring ideas through marketing course
• Finalize and Roll Out New Branding for Etsy Shop-in process; exploring ideas through marketing course
• Update Photography on Website-in process; exploring ideas through marketing course
• Call for Fall Shows-decided one show for the fall and a possible gallery exhibit (in the works with several other friend artists) more to come

• Begin Blogging Your Way E-Course-completing week 4 of the course today;
• Complete Creative Thursday E-course
• Begin Marketing E-course-working on lesson 2 although class is on lesson 4
• Begin On-Line Community-Creative Coconuts-wow, this is awesome; see blog for list of participants; this will be ongoing
• Begin Guest Lecture Series at University of Georgia via Skype-this is awesome as well; 25 students creating and sharing their work for the semester; will be participating with them until December

and here is what October looks like:

October Business Goals
• continue list of vendors for design library
• update linkedin profile
• finalizing registered trademark for redlinedesign should be complete by end of month
• client billing
• sign up for spring design exam
• celebrating one year in business-October 23

• Update Etsy Shop
• Finalize and Roll Out New Branding for Etsy Shop
• Update Photography on Website
• Participate in Fall Show
• finalize 2011 calendar with the wonderful angie of jumping jack designs

• Complete Blogging Your Way E-Course
• Continue Marketing E-course
• Continue UGA Course with students
• Begin preparing for mini session course in January

• website and blog redesign
• special gallery project

Business Goals are a part of a monthly business group called the Meet Up. You can find the meet up at Athena Dreams with the wonderful Liz as your host….

Have a wonderful Friday everyone and I will see you back here on Monday…

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