Welcome November

November 01, 2012

For many years on this site, I have welcomed each month and given an outline of things to come in my business. For awhile I got away from doing this but I have missed it and want to share so much in this place that with the beginning of November I am bringing it back. It is a reflection of sorts and a movement forward at the same time.

October was both an incredible month of discovery, retreating and art making and also of illness and the realization that as you grow older it is more important than ever to learn how to take care of you. I experienced this first hand as I went straight from my incredible 3 day art retreat to an emergency surgery 4 days later. Recovery from the surgery has been difficult. Not from the surgery itself but from complications with my breathing and just being plain tired from having not been so well for quite some time. I truly realized that I have amazing family, friends and business associates that I now can say are friends as well. I thank so many of you for coming forward with help driving, meals, notes, cards, mail and most importantly your kind and gentle words.

Sometimes as the caregivers in the world it is difficult to see when you yourself need to be taken care of. This is what happened for me in October. I went full on with my business as I had all summer and ignored signs of not feeling so well until a week before my retreat, as I was alternating laying on the couch with creative prep for the weekend. I so wanted to make sure that all my participants were well taken care of and that their journey to my space that was created was an experience that they would be able to hold near and dear for a long time to come. This I also wanted for my instructors. On the last day of the retreat I returned to my room around lunch time and was not sure I could finish the weekend. I pulled myself together and with the help of my friends rounded out what I am hoping was a huge success for everyone in attendance.

Nurturing, caring, loving and kindness are what I do, but I am just not very good at doing it for myself.

After the retreat, I came home and collapsed on the couch. Truth be told, my car is still not cleaned out from all the retreat supplies and I have not fully thanked everyone for coming. I just did not have the energy. I was reminded by my friend and retreat instructor, Anne Weil to slow down and take care of me. Thank you Anne, you probably do not realize how important this was for me at that particular moment.

I have decided through this experience that I do need to take care of me and that I need to really begin now. I am slowly healing from the surgery and the set backs and have decided to take the rest of the year at a slower more deliberate pace. I am not sure yet what that looks like from a business perspective but from a personal perspective I am truly looking forward to it.

So what does November look like?

  • a month of gratitude and thanks
  • a month of long talks with friends and family
  • a very long look at what business looks like and how I move forward from here
  • lots of laughter and celebration for what I have surrounding me including a celebration of my son in his first lead male role in The Crucible (as a sophomore)
  • Thanksgiving with my extended family in the Bay Area

So my thank yous:

  • Becca, Maria and Susie for all the wonderful food, love, notes and prayers; you are life savers
  • Kathleen for making me laugh and helping me recover and what an awesome Halloween celebration!
  • Cindi for going through this with me every step of the way as you have been on your own journey to recovery xo friend
  • Lisa, Mati, Anne and Alex: for your love and understanding and most importantly friendship
  • Sonja, Anjali, Cameron Crain and the whole production crew of the Crucible-thanks for taking care of my boy
  • Emmy and Joe: for being there when I most needed it and to Em for being my strong, kind and loving girl…you are a rock star
  • Didy for coming at a moments notice – I love you.
  • all my family for love and support; emails, phone calls – I love you all
  • my east coast family for making me reminding me how much I love you all especially this week
  • Shirley and Jen for the reminder of what being a Drs. wife is all about and how it is OK to need to be taken care of…
  • Michelle Ward and Catherine Just for your kind, sweet notes and friendship

Have a great November and remember to take a moment for yourself, say thank you to the one’s you love and be thankful for the days ahead.




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