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January 02, 2011

(day two of picture winter-looking out…)

Happy 2011 everyone. For those of you visiting what is design? for the first time, welcome. For those of you that have been following along welcome back and thanks for all your support. At the beginning of each month I participate in The Meetup which is a monthly gathering of individuals wishing to share their goals and dreams to help them keep on track throughout the month. I did not post in December partly because I was so busy that I actually forgot and also with the holidays and special projects of the month it became too much for me to add one more thing.

So a quick reflection back on December with the highlights and then on to the new year.


1. hosted and created very special art pieces for redlinedesign® 1st handmade holiday. to read about it check here and here.

2. received news that redlinedesign® has become a registered trademark and can only be used by me in the form that you see it here. Yeah… a year of hard work with my attorney but now its set.

3. attended Renegade Craft Fair in San Francisco and guess who I was blessed enough to meet in person–Liz Kalloch, the wonderful host of the meetup and a genuinely lovely lady; hopefully we will get to spend more time together in 2011;and also Marisa Haedke from Creative Thursday and her partner Sean. They were both as down to earth as their classes and I enjoyed chatting with all of them even though it was so brief. I will have a complete wrap up of Renegade this week as it was so cool I have to share.

4. I completed my course with UGA fashion and design students and Jaya Rose. An incredible amount of creativity came from a semester of 100 ideas and I enjoyed learning all about each student and viewing their creative pursuits on our private flickr pool.

5. Completed something totally for me-Picture the Holidays with Tracey Clark from Shutter Sisters. 30 days of photography–a big commitment…especially during the holidays.

So with the new year upon us, I am hoping I can achieve a little balance, rest and build some additional momentum for my business.

January Business Goals


  • continue list of vendors for  design library ongoing
  • 2010 taxes
  • begin studying for spring design exam
  • begin development of new design package for clients



  • Teach Mini Session for 5th-8th graders first two weeks of January
  • Get Your Paint On! (begins January 31-8 weeks of painting for me!! with Lisa Congdon and Mati Rose McDonough)


  • website and blog redesign (begin phase 2 – professional website design, integration of shopping cart and consistent graphics for all redlinedesign online presence)
  • special gallery project (ongoing; selecting artists and finding venue)

You may be wondering why or how I take so many classes. I love to teach and find that taking classes online helps me to be a better teacher and helps me be more educated on what I am teaching others. The courses I take all relate to progressing myself and my business in some way. Have a great month everyone….and don’t forget:

Monthly Business Goals are part of The Meet Up and are coordinated by Liz at Athena Dreams. Stop on by her blog and check out the other meet up participants. Thanks Liz.

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