Welcome April

by Sarah April 04, 2011

Welcome April: Finally, Spring has arrived in Reno….and I am celebrating my one year anniversary as a Meet Up Participant..My first post from the meetup was in April, 2010 and I thought it might be fun to take a look back at that and see how far I have come in a year…..So lets take a look:

The first item on my list a year ago was the regrouping of my office….I can happily say that I did get it done, however what i have realized is that it is an ongoing process that is never really complete. I will always have projects laid about (its the nature of my business), fabric samples to put away, travel plans that need arranging and brownie patches to sew onto that cute little vest (the vest is on my desk, where it was about this time last year so that I remember to sew on all the new patches that are waiting patiently) Unfortunately, the dwarf African frogs that sat here a year ago have long since died…(Emily thought that they could live on land and water but alas these were water dwellers only–one got lost outside and another ones leg fell off so she buried it in her sand box) and I am planning for the second of our nieces and nephews wedding in July (so excited). I never did get my friend Julie over to help me through the organization process but my son Ben ended up organizing for me and redesigned our closet under the stairs to hold all my supplies, photographs, interior finishes. He did an awesome job and it has helped me keep extremely organized in that area.

Second, was my business plan….Of course this is an ongoing, ever changing document and thought process but happily I can say that my graphics are complete…my business name is a registered trademark and I have a more solid direction of where my business is going as I move forward. I traveled to Paris and back with Sean and Marisa  from Creative Thursday and now get to share in a wonderful community that they have created called Creative Coconuts….

Third was joining the Meet Up….I have had the opportunity to meet Liz who coordinates this group each month and we are continuing on some projects together (keep on eye on the blog in coming weeks as I share them with you) So I can say with enthusiasm that online business connections do work and are highly rewarding for both sides…..

Finally, some things do not change as time goes on (which is nice to see) It is baseball season again and I for one cannot wait to take my family to the ball park, enjoy a nice beer and a hot dog and take in a ball game……

So a big thank you to Liz for providing such a wonderful little space in this online world to share with others and be accountable for moving this creative life forward…..

If you would like to participate in the Meet Up please visit Liz at Liz Kalloch Designs and join us on this monthly journey……



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